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Sophie is in the new music video of Kelvin Jones for “Closer”. She looks stunning!

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Sophie joins a new project as Zoe Parker in a second remake of ‘Day of the Dead’. More information below:

BLOODY DISGUSTING – Shooting is set to get underway on Day of the Dead, the second remake to George A. Romero’s zombie film from 1985.

Having a bit of fun from set is Johnathon Schaech (Quarantine, Prom Night), who shares the shot of himself getting a makeup test done for the film, which follows a former medical student tormented by a dark figure from her past, who happens to be a half-human, half-zombie hell-bent on destroying her.

Bloody reader Mike Magnano shared the image and noticed that the cast is listed in the background, which is double confirmed on the film’s IMDb page. Starring are Sophie Skelton, Marcus Vanco, Jeff Gum (Exeter, The Vault), Lorina Kamburova (Nightworld, Leatherface Death Race 4), Nick Loeb, Rachel O’Meara, Debbie Sherman, Luke Cousins, Nathan Cooper, and Cristina Serafini. We have confirmed the cast.

Nu Image and Millennium are putting this project together with The Corpse of Anna Fritz‘s Hèctor Hernández Vicens directing.

Campbell Grobman Films produces, coming off of the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, Leatherface, with Jeff Rice.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Casting Brianna was no walk in the park — or stroll through the Highlands, rather — for the producers of Outlander.

As if finding the perfect actors to play Jamie and Claire wasn’t hard enough, executive producer Ronald D. Moore said it was “difficult” to track down a young woman who could pass for their daughter. Ditto for Roger (Richard Rankin), the man who would eventually become Brianna’s romantic interest in the ongoing saga.

“They’re very tricky roles to cast, especially when you’re casting the adult child of two of our leads,” Moore tells EW exclusively. “You want to see both characters in her immediately, which is a big challenge, just in terms of who that actress is going be. She also has to play, literally, the daughter of Claire in the 13th episode. And she has to have a certain chemistry with Roger. Even though she’s in that episode very strongly, she’s not as strongly in the next season. The role of Roger and Brianna grows over the course of the books. But at first, you’re just seeing the two of them for briefer periods of time. So yeah, all these things add up to a very complex process, trying to find the woman who would fit all these parameters.”

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I have added digital scans of the July 1st issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring a new look at Sophie and Richard Rankin as Brianna and Roger on ‘Outlander’. Thanks to Luciana for the scans!

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Scans from the June 27 issue of TV Guide magazine have been added to the gallery!

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If you love Sophie in ‘Ren: The Girl with the Mark’, please help the cast and crew and show your support by voting here for the 2016 Melbourne Web Festival. Make sure to spread the word as much as possible!

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The wait is almost over until the finale of ‘Outlander’ and Entertainment Weekly released a first look at Sophie and co-star Richard Rankin as Brianna and Roger, two new characters joining the show. Are you excited?

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Two very important characters are set to debut on the second season finale of Outlander, and EW has snagged the first look!

Meet Brianna Randall (Sophie Skelton) and Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin), two of the most integral characters to the Outlander series behind Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe). Though viewers of the Starz drama met younger versions of the duo in previous episodes, this is the first time the network has released images from the July 9 finale.

Brianna is the daughter of Jamie and Claire (though raised in America by her mom’s first husband, Frank) while Roger is her future love interest in the saga about a WWII combat nurse who travels back in time to 18th-century Scotland.

“There is so much anticipation for these characters,” says Rankin, a 33-year-old Glasgow native who appeared in Bradley Cooper’s 2015 flick Burnt. “I really think what we care most about is whether people are going to be happy with these characters that they’ve been waiting two years for.”

Though cast in 2015, Starz and the Outlander team have kept a tight lid on details surrounding Brianna and Roger’s debut. Producers, in fact, were so concerned about leaks they hid the actors from public view when they finally filmed their scenes in Scotland.

“There’s been this buildup for so long,” says the U.K.-born Skelton, 22, who expects to endure some scrutiny from fans who have devoured Diana Gabaldon’s novels from which the series is based. “It’s a scary thought because of things like the fact that Brianna’s from Boston, but we decided not to go with a Boston accent. We just assumed that given how she was raised in a private Catholic school in the ’60s, she sort of had any Boston drummed out of her and she’d be a standard American.”

“And then there are things like the eye color,” she continues. “I think people are expecting [her to wear] contacts because Bri’s eyes are blue [in the books]. Everybody will have a different view.”

For more from Skelton and Rankin on their big reveal, pick up the next issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday.

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Sophie plays Rose in her latest project ‘Blackbird’, a short film directed and written by Charlotte Stente Nielson and Tim Fellingham. You can now visit the official site, facebook and watch the trailer below:

Two souls cross paths in an isolated wilderness. Rider (Tim), who is suffering from amnesia following a motorcycle crash. And Rose (Sophie), on the run. They both take shelter in an abandoned cottage, where they start to piece things back together.

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Welcome to Sophie Skelton Online, your first resource dedicated to the lovely British actress Sophie Skelton. You may know her from her various appearances on TV series like Casualty, Waterloo Road, Doctors or more recently from the fantasy world of Ren: The Girl with the Mark and soon on STARZ’s Outlander as Brianna.

I still have some work to do but you can already browse the main site and gallery. I hope you will enjoy your visit and you can also follow us on twitter @sophskeltonorg to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

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Here are some news about ‘Outlander’ season finale (July 9) and Sophie’s character Brianna. Warning spoilers below!

SCOTLAND NOW – OUTLANDER’S Season 2 finale is set to be a movie-length epic, Starz have announced.

Producers revealed they will deliver a 90-minute episode to close the hit second season – which is bound to be packed with action.

The finale, which will be called Dragonfly in Amber after Diana Gabaldon’s second novel, will also include the much anticipated arrival of fan favourites Brianna Randall and Roger Wakefield.

The new characters will be played by Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin.

The official Starz description of the series finale reads: “Flashing forward to 1968, Claire travels to Scotland with her twenty-year-old daughter, Brianna, and meets Roger Wakefield. Claire visits Lallybroch and Culloden Moor to make peace with the past, while Brianna and Roger bond over researching Randall family history. Claire finally reveals the truth to Brianna about her time travel through the stones, her life in 1700’s Scotland, and Brianna’s true parentage. The story is intercut with another one back in the 18th century, which happens on the day of the Battle of Culloden. When Jamie’s last ditch attempts to deter The Prince fail, he and Claire come up with a dangerous plan – which Dougal overhears, inciting him to a murderous rage. Jamie must do everything he can to save the ones he loves, even if it means saying goodbye to some — or all — of them.”

Outlander’s Season 2 finale will take place on Saturdya, July 9 in the US.

Last week, Starz announced that Outlander had been renewed for Seasons 3 and 4 , which are based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels Voyager and Drums of Autumn.

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